Ranger Station Candle
    Ranger Station Candle
    Ranger Station Candle

Ranger Station Candle

Candle Scent: Jolene

As if this candle couldn't get any better, once it burns out, it becomes your new favorite cocktail glass. When the time comes, go to www.rangerstation.com, click on "candles to cocktails" for instructions on how to transition this glass vessel into the latest piece of drinkware in your kitchen. Cheers!  

Product info

  • 8 oz. premium soy wax blend
  • Hand poured & packaged in Nashville, TN 
  • 40-50 hour burn time...or more 

Available in 3 scents 

Jolene: Oakmoss

We created Oakmoss to be reminiscent of the moment after a storm clears, when the sun shines through to unleash a palpably fresh, warm, and earthy scent from the forest floor. Seeing as Oakmoss is one of the most used raw materials in perfumery, we wanted to strip it down to its purest form to reveal how it might be experienced in its natural habitat. We did this by laying a base of warm woods, sandalwood and cedarwood, as well as adding a touch of lavender to accentuate Oakmoss’s brighter, botanical qualities. 

  • Top: Bergamot / Charred Sage / Pine
  • Middle: Cedar / Violet / Damp Earth 
  • Base: Red Amber / Moss / Tonka

Lily: Santalum

Known to regularly charm passerby's with its captivating musk, Santalum is our carefully mastered take on a sandalwood-centric scent. Starting with a woodsy base of Australian Sandalwood, we layer on leather and ambrox to establish a uniquely rich and spicy depth. We then weave in subtle notes of cardamom and palo santo for an underlying herbal complexity. The result is a warm and vibrant fragrance rumored to be addictive to its users and admirers alike.

  • Top: Ambergris / Papyrus / Cedar
  • Middle: Amyris / Clove / Cardamon
  • Base: Amber Resin / Musk / Sandalwood

Luke: Leather + Pine

If you’ve ever wandered into a pine forest, you likely carried its scent home with you. Inspired by that unique experience and our own trips to the Minnesota North Woods, Leather + Pine is a coniferous fragrance designed to make you and your admirers feel closer to the forest line, no matter how far you stray from it. With base notes of inky leather oil and aromatic frasier fir, layered with cedarwood and saddle soap, the resulting scent is warm and clean, with a touch of tree-sap sweetness.

  • Top: Fresh Evergreen / Marine Accord / Moss
  • Middle: Clove / Churned Earth / Pine Sap
  • Base: Leather / Ambrox / Blue Musk