stoneware planter
Stoneware Fluted Planter, Matte White
From $26.00 arrow
wood candlestick
Wood Candlestick
From $19.00 arrow
paulownia wood planter
Paulownia Wood Planter
From $52.00 arrow
decorative wood bowl
Decorative Rectangular Paulownia Wood Bowl
$35.00 arrow
cream distressed vase
Terracotta Vase w/Distressed Cream Glaze
From $28.00 arrow
paper mâché bowls
Paper Mache Bowl Nested Set of 3
From $30.00 arrow
wooden rectangular tray
Paulownia Rectangle Tray - Natural
$28.00 arrow
decorative wood tray
Paulownia Oval Bowl w/White
$46.00 arrow
bamboo bowls
Bamboo Bowl
From $16.00 arrow
marble dish with handle
Marble Dish w/Handle - White
From $18.00 arrow
natural wooden round tray set
Paulownia Round Tray Set
$72.00 arrow
Fringe Natural Pillow
Woven Pillow w/Eyelash Fringe, Natural
$84.00 arrow
SHARE serving tray
White Marble & Gold "Share" Board
$64.00 arrow
stainless steel containers with lids
Stainless Steel Containers w/Lids, Grey Enamel & Gold Finish, Set of 2
$52.50 arrow
white bowl
Vida Nube Bowl
From $22.00 arrow
round paulownia wood tray
Round Paulownia Wood Tray
$35.00 arrow
marble candle holder
Marble Candle Holder - White
$32.00 arrow
stoneware vintage platter in antique white
Stoneware Vintage Repro Platter - Antique White
From $20.00 arrow
white serving platter
Vida Nube Large Platter
$49.00 arrow
Barr Co Bath Soak
Original Scent Bath Soak
$38.00 arrow
straw plant hanger
Zion Straw Plant Hanger
$36.00 arrow
white cotton blend table runner
White Cotton Blend Table Runner
$60.00 arrow
Glass Wall Pocket
Rectangular Glass Wall Pocket
$28.00 arrow
tall ceramic wall pocket
Ceramic Wall Pocket - Tall
$20.00 arrow
ceramic wall pocket
Ceramic Wall Pocket - Square
From $13.00 arrow
decorative home beads
$98.00 arrow
ranger station candle
Ranger Station Candle
$42.00 arrow
beaded wooden box
Petite Bali Box
Natural/White Trim
Natural Mallorca
$27.00 SOLD OUT arrow
fringe pillow
18" Square Cotton Pillow w/ Tassels - Cream
$56.00 arrow
terracotta planter with raised dots
Terracotta Planter w/Raised Dots
From $28.00 arrow
white wood tray
White Enameled Mango Wood Tray, Set of 2
$47.00 arrow
square placemat
Square Placemat - White Wash
$28.00 arrow
white marble dish
White Marble Flower Shaped Dish
$32.00 arrow
tall wood tray
Tall Paulownia Wood Tray
$38.00 arrow
throw pillow with tassels
Square Cotton Pillow w/ Tassels - Grey
$48.00 arrow
11-1/2" L x 2-1/2"W Marble Dish
11-1/2" L x 2-1/2"W Marble Dish
$35.00 arrow
woven storage bowl
Small Woven Storage Bowl
$30.00 arrow
striped linen tea towel
Natural Striped Washed Linen Tea Towel
$15.00 arrow
funny tea towel
Therapy Tea Towel
$14.00 arrow
leather napkin rings
Leather Napkin Rings - Natural/Brass, Set of 4
$30.00 SOLD OUT arrow
eat the damn chips tea towel
Eat The Damn Chips Tea Towel
$16.00 arrow
spill it tea towel
Spill It Tea Towel
$16.00 arrow
If it's Burnt, Order Takeout Tea Towel
If It's Burnt, Order Takeout Tea Towel
$16.00 arrow
Funny Tea Towel
Not For Lunch Tea Towel
$16.00 arrow
Gold Foil Coasters
4" Square Agate Coasters w/Gold Foil Trim, Pink
$45.00 arrow
wood platter
Mango Wood Platter
$32.00 arrow
velvet throw pillow
20" Square Velvet Front Pillow - Grey
$40.00 arrow
fringe woven pillow
20" Square Woven Pillow w/Fringe
$48.00 arrow
textured lumbar pillow with tassels
Textured Lumbar Pillow w/Pom Poms + Tassels
$30.00 arrow
long gold marble platter set
Long Gold Marble Platter Set
$42.00 arrow